Sunday, August 9, 2009

Oh How To Fill The Void...

So lately my focus has been on chastity and I'm sure I've mentioned in previous posts that chastity has been preoccupying my thoughts. I still think it's something that Bella might have some fun with now and again which is far from a lifestyle change but fun none the less. My biggest hurdle is to not have her freak out over spending $150 US on a piece of plastic. If the opportunity arrives where I find myself with some BFB... (Bella Free Bucks) I just may order one and tell her i got a deal on it. Having a CB2000 style device locked on would be a fantastic reminder and I just adore reminders, especially when it intermixes within a vanilla day. It's like sexual stimuli all day long in a mild sort of way that would feed the monster nicely. Sort of a D/s I.V. drip if you catch my drift.

When I'm in the mood and yearning for that drip, I tend to reach for a cock ring. I have a 2" ring that is nothing special; in fact it came from an old cock and ball harness I had years ago. Since then the leather on this cheap little harness has worn to nothing but I kept the ring and it's circumference is a perfect size for me. I suppose a Domme might say that if it's comfortable, I need a smaller size and that may be true. This 2" chrome ring is almost unnoticeable when I'm flaccid and a little too tight when I'm at full staff. It's a delicious mix and depending on my thoughts through the day it's a nice reminder of who I am. I'd like to replace it someday with a thicker/prettier model that would have a little weight to it. Nightly masturbation is different when it's on because the pressure is certainly noticeable. In fact post orgasm it's uncomfortable enough where I can't wait to get it off but often I have to wait a good 10 mins before I can pry it away. What's interesting is that 10 minutes can be maddening because as much as I want it off it's physically too small at that point to remove. I reason with myself during that time that I must endure and by the time that things have returned to their normal size, submissive guilt usually has me leaving it on as if Bella has instructed me not to remove it without her permission. I can honestly say being made to wear that ring is somthing I miss immensely. When I served Meadow years ago it was established very early that the cock ring would be worn when she required it, which was more often than not. If the ring was on, I was to remain chaste and I never was allowed to ask permission to remove it. I recall one time she even had me put it in the freezer for a couple of hours before sending me an IM telling me to put it back on. It's that kind of control that I simply ADORE and miss very much.

So with a chastity mindset I've been perving around the internet and lately I've been reading a blog about a couple who are living a D/s lifestyle and the submissive male is made to live as her maid. He's heavily feminized and of course wears a chastity belt. He identifies as a submissive sissy which I have to admit never has really been my bag. Although the dynamic between both of them is amazing and I think that's what draws me to reading the most. The blog is written by a woman named Anne and what I find so refreshing is her sexuality is completely in tune with their daily lives. Most of the activity actually focuses on HER needs however the yin is certainly in tune with the yang because I'm sure his sexuality is being equally fulfilled. Here's a snippet that makes me swoon...

The more I think about it, I realise that this is not just about steve starting his new life but as importantly, this is about what I want out of my life too. It is going to change beyond recognition. I see so many positives for both of us.

Naturally as I read through the progress of this couple I constantly put myself in the position of Anne's partner. As much as it would repulse me to look at myself in the mirror wearing a French Maid's outfit (oh I'd make a horrible looking maid) the dynamic and need to fulfil her desires would be a huge turn on. I'll openly admit that recent masturbatory thoughts have focused around Anne's blog making for some pretty intense orgasms.

The cock ring, combined with some great masturbatory thoughts has me preoccupied with submission. I need so very much to just do as I'm told which in return is fulfilling the sexuality of a dominant partner. It's nice to see there are women out there who need submissive men as much as we need them. It sort of helps validate my own sexuality, even if I'm not in a situation where I can express it.

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