Saturday, April 4, 2009

I Could Just Imagine...

So like everyone else on the planet, I've got a Facebook account and admittedly I probably check my page a little too regularly. Sure everyone has their opinions about social networking sites but I have to say, FB has revealed relatives that I didn't know, friends that I thought were gone forever, and it's even helped me connect with my primary school classmates to which we now regularly get together for a beer now and again.

Although the funny thing about FB is you get to see friends of friends of friends on there and I'll bet at least once a week, I'm getting friend invites from people that I don't even know. "My best friend's sister's boyfriend's brother's girlfriend heard from this guy who knows this kid who's going with the girl who saw you pass out at 31 Flavors in 1986." (Thank-you Simone) Anyway, a few weeks ago I got an invite from a girl that I've probably said hello to maybe once or twice. She was part of the regular club crowd in the 1990, back when my friends and I spent every dollar at the only dance club here in town. Her name is Cara and she was one of those women who you just didn't really approach if you were looking to strike up a relationship. She was well liked by every good looking beau at the bar and to think that I even had a chance would be foolish. Whether you like it or not, most people know where they fall on a scale of 1 to 10 and a 7 never has a chance with a 10 that's for sure. Bella was a 10 too so how we ever ended up together I'll never know.

Cara, although very good looking, always seemed to be very nice. Many people spoke very highly of her personality so she was far from conceited. I did end up becoming friends with a very good friend of hers but that's about as close to the 7 degrees of separation I ever got. So I don't really know Cara, but when I received her FB invite, rather than hitting "ignore" like I would for anyone else that I don't really know, I accepted her invitation because I remember just how good looking she was. I admit it was a shallow thing to do. Nana nana boo boo too bad. :P

She's married now with a couple of kids, but I see from her pictures that her little clique of female friends are still a very large part of her life. Her husband was a good looking man when they married in 96 but recent pictures of him show he's balding badly and probably pushing 300lbs. He's not flabby fat, just a big boy is all. My shallow gene has me saying to myself, "Wow she could have done better," but on the other hand from their point of view who the hell cares? They probably love each other very much and for all I know he might be a great guy and a super Dad.

Since becoming FB friends she hasn't really said much to me. Probably because, as we both know, that we really didn't know each other all that well. Her friend Patricia knows me so I almost wonder if the two of them were sitting at the computer together when she decided to add me as a friend. She has commented on a few pictures and a few status messages that I've posted but that is all.

I have to admit, that Cara looks just as good as she did back then. I have been paying attention to all the new pictures she adds and she never seems to take a bad one. Her status messages are quite hilarious too and I find it hard to hold back and not comment on some of them.
  • Woman's Rule of Thumb: If it has tires or testicles, you're going to have trouble with it.

  • Grow your own dope.....plant a man.
  • Did you hear about the baby born with organs of both sexes? It had a penis and a brain.

She's far from a man-hater because she always follows up with some light hearted comments. Although a certain submissive part of me is picking up on something and I now find myself wondering if she's a closet Domme. Typical submissive male reaction isn't it? Sometimes I wonder if we stretch things a little too far or over analyze someone hoping for Domme innards. Regardless, her little comments coupled with her good looks are an immense turn on.

A week ago, through her status messages, she made it clear that she was planning a night out for drinks with the girls. My thoughts perverted, I could only imagine what she was going to wear. Cute little form fitting top, some capris or perhaps a skirt, and of course some amazing heels showing off her pedicured feet. She must have been in the middle of making plans because in my FB feed was a status message of hers that read, "Planning a drunken fun night with the girls and need a driver". Well you can only imagine what that did to my submissive mindset. I swear to GOD, had I been single, regardless of not knowing her all that well, I would have offered to chauffeur. Obviously I can't, but my thoughts have been obsessively wondering how that evening would have rolled out...

... perhaps we would have exchanged some playful Facebook messages, kidding around the fact that I actually wanted to be her driver for the evening. Although it may have seemed strange for me to offer, since she knows Patricia and I are friends, she can trust me not to be a creep. She'd probably send me a message saying something like... "Are you being completely serious? I wouldn't want to put you out and honestly you'll be bored out of your mind waiting for us to have our fun just so you can drive us home." I'd reassure her that she wasn't putting me out and that I certainly didn't mind or I wouldn't have offered.

Nervously I'd probably spend lots of time making sure my car was meticulously clean. I'd probably go get a haircut to look the best I could. A small part of me would think of dressing up completely with the white gloves and of course the hat, however that would probably be pushing it a little too far. I certainly wouldn't want to creep her out. I would dress neatly but not over the top. My job is to look pleasant and quietly drive Cara and her friends to whatever destination they'd desire.

After checking our FB correspondence I would be sure to arrive at her house at the exact time she expects. Half dressed she'd appear at the front door and motion me in. Naturally I'd feel a little nervous.

"I can't tell you how much I appreciate this," she'd say as she looked into the mirror by the front door adjusting an earring she just put in. "honestly I was completely surprised by the offer."

"Really Cara it's nothing," I'd say in a nonchalant sort of way, trying to hide my nervousness, "I'm sure you just want to have a good time with friends and it's always a bummer when one of you has to remain sober."

"Sit," she commanded pointing to the bench near her front entrance before turning on the ball of her foot and heading to her bedroom.

I'd quietly sit and concentrate on doing everything right. Naturally there's no playbook because admittedly, this whole thing would be a little weird and unrehearsed.

Returning to where I was Cara was fully dressed and looked amazing. In her left hand she was carrying a beautiful pair of heels. Black, strappy and sexy as hell. Sitting beside me on the bench I'd watch as she slipped her feet into them but leaving the ankle straps unbuckled.

"Would you be a dear and buckle these for me, I'm not sure if my nails are completely dry." pointing to the ground in front of her while she spoke to me.

"Of course," I squeaked out, trying not to let my submissive mindset overcome my thoughts.

As I slowly buckled the straps, I could feel her eyes on me. It was a moment that I wanted to last forever. Here I was on my knees before Cara, about to drive her with friends to any destination they pleased, buckling her shoes on her delicate and perfectly pedicured feet. I started to shake...

"I know what you are ya know," she said firmly.

"Pardon?" I softly said as I looked up at her, her foot in my lap.

"You heard what I said," now looking deep into my eyes as I kneeled on the floor in front of her.

Our eyes locked and it was impossible to ignore what was happening. Cara has cleverly decided to reveal that she knew about me at just the right time; while I was kneeling before her that up until this point, had been completely vanilla. She knew it would blow my mind.

Before I could say a word there was a knock at the door and Cara was up to answer it. I was trying to collect my composure as best I could and of course stand up to welcome her guests. My hands strategically were placed in front of me so that I could hide my excitement.

After all the girls arrived we were on our way. The drive would take an hour or so and for most of it I was silent. Once together, the girls were almost giddy with excitement and the conversation between them didn't include me at all. In fact not only didn't it include me, but men in general. This was their night and there certainly was no place for me other than to quietly perform my duty. My brain of course was swirling with what Cara had said to me only moments before her guests arrived. My erection failed to soften even a little bit.

Once we arrived I had gotten out of the car to walk around and open all the doors. One by one the ladies (dressed to the nines I might add) got out of my car and headed towards the door of the club. Cara dragged behind to chat.

"We'll finish our conversation some other time, right now I want you to wait patiently here in the car until we're ready to go home."

"Ok problem at all," I said, trying to convince her that I didn't mind waiting.

As I turned to get back into the car I felt her hands on my shoulders as she stood behind me.

"Don't move for a second," she said as I tried to turn to face her again.

"I said stay still please," she commanded turning me away from her once again.

With that she drew my arms behind me and snapped on a pair of handcuffs. Oddly enough I said nothing. I could tell that my submissive secret was out of the bag with Cara and at this moment, to quietly comply was my best and most pleasing option.

"I couldn't help but notice that you're quite excited," she softly whispered to me, "these will keep your busy little hands from playing, like most boys do when they're alone and excited."

I could barely breathe, let alone absorb what was actually happening. With my hands now cuffed behind me I slipped back into the drivers seat and could barely look up at Cara. I was a nervous wreck.

"Relax... take some deep breaths, I'll be back in a few hours." she said before closing the door and making her way to the front door of the club.

So there I was, alone with my own thoughts wondering what the heck just happened. Instantly a million things zipped through my mind... Did her friends know? What if one of them came back to the car for something and discovered me? What if someone from the club noticed me sitting in the car or even worse, the police?

Regardless of what I was thinking Cara was right, because even with my hands neatly tucked into the lower part of my back and the bracelets of the cuffs digging in ever so slightly, my manhood was at full attention. Had I been able, I probably would have pleasured myself. Instead I sat patiently, heart beating fast, breath short and my pants tight. Cara's perfume still lingered in the car which was about the only thing that helped me relax. I closed my eyes and succumbed totally to the submissive feelings that were washing over me. What had started out as a casual facebook acquaintance had suddenly changed forever.

The noise of the passenger door opening startled me, I must have dosed off. I watched her legs and cute little shoes sweep in as she settled into the seat. I glanced at the clock. Two hours had passed.

"How are we doing?" she asked, reaching over and tracing a line up my pants with her fingernail.

"I'm ok," I said trying to collect my thoughts, looking at Cara's smiling face.

A feeling of awkwardness did hit me as I took a moment to inventory everything that had happened so far in the evening. I felt compelled to express it.

"Cara I really don't mind doing this for you and the girls, but really is all this necess..."

"Shhhh..." she interrupted, placing her hand on my mouth, "there really is no reason to over-analyze. Might I suggest a little rule? That you don't speak unless spoken to. Is that clear?"

"Yes Ma'am," I said, feeling completely confident that the honorific was appropriate.

Her finger tip traced up my leg and found the tip of my member which was straining immensely against my pants. A wry smile came across her face as her fingernail drew circles around the protrusion.

"Let's let this guy breathe. I suspect you've been hard the whole time." she said reaching for the button of my pants.

I could say nothing. I looked straight ahead and closed my eyes as she reached in a pulled out my package. The pulsations giving away my excitement. Her fingertip continued to trace the outline of my cap, circling all over. It wasn't long before I was dripping copious amounts of pre-cum to which Cara used to baste my frenum. My eyes were screwed shut and I tried with all my might to keep my composure and breathe at a normal rate. Finally, with her single finger she wiped as much of the pre-cum as she could from me and paused.

When I opened my eyes her finger was directly in front of my lips. Knowing why she was presenting it to me in this way I dropped my jaw and leaned forward letting her glistening finger enter my mouth. I made sure to suckle it clean.

"Gooooooood boy," she said with a beaming smile, "I think you deserve a reward."

Leaning back in her seat Cara reached up underneath her skirt and removed her panties. They were a beautiful black silk pair, fringed with black lace. Looking into my eyes and smiling she unfurled her panties over my head. I felt ridiculous but could say nothing. Taking a moment Cara arranged the panties so that the gusset was placed directly over my nose. The musky smell of two hours of dancing was completely evident. I was a complete wreck.

"See you in a couple of hours." she said and exited the car.

Her aroma consumed me, my situation was maddening. I could barely catch my breath as I shook feverishly not being able to get away from her scent. The minutes passed and quickly turned to hours. I completely lost track of time.

When Cara returned I was relieved to see that she was alone. My scrotum ached and my member was flaccid, no doubt completely defeated by the immense tease. Removing her panties Cara looked at me and said,

"You may thank me for your reward," making it clear that it wasn't a suggestion.

"Thank you Cara," I said with barely a voice at all.

From out of her purse, Cara pulled out a thick silver ring. It's surface gleamed even in the dim light of the car. She leaned over and started threading my manhood and scrotum through it.

"I think it's safe to say that you and I have a bit of an agreement. I know what you are boy so there's no use in negotiating what part you'll play in it. I could use a man like you at my beck and call so I expect you to be available..."

I winced as the cock ring finally found it's place.

"... this ring will remind you that you answer to me. When you are dismissed tonight I will let you masturbate, however you'll send me a detailed email accounting of thoughts as you relieve yourself tonight. I suspect right now you're probably in a little bit of pain."

My hands useless, she tucked me back inside my pants.

"The girls are coming, now lean forward." she said taking out the key to the cuffs that kept me honest for the 4 hours that I sat and waited for them.

A very vanilla environment then ensued as the girls entered the car. They didn't have a clue about what happened between Cara and I while they enjoyed each others company in the club. On the way home they rambled on about how much fun they had, and that they should make it a point do get together on a regular basis. Eventually they decided on another date.

"... yes that date will do just fine," Cara said and looked over to me with the smile of a Cheshire cat, "and I suspect our new chauffeur will be available too."